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      There is a sentence spread in the administrative level of Longqiang: competetor is not fearful, but it is fearful tolose sincerity to customers. It is certain that under market economic condition, failure is temporary, but breaking faith willmake you always be a loser. Huang Shengfeng said, history told us thatwe must keep our promises if we want to establish a permanent enterprise, as the market economy is a kind of legal and faithful economy. Only through abiding by the principle, can the enterprise realizesustainable management. The enterprise is an interest community of employees, users, suppliers anddistributors, only after all of them get profits and are satisfied, can this chain function. And the one thatlinks thechain to function is faith between each other. During the development of the market, Longqiang stresses the establishment of credit system fromeach chain, establishes complete internal credit management system, including contract credit, product credit, financial credit and taxpaying credit etc.