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      Wenzhou Longqiang participation in international exhibitions meat

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      Fourth China International Meat Food Culture Festival, the Seventh China International Meat Industry Exhibition to be held in Qingdao, Shandong Province on September 5, "two sessions a Festival" organized by the time it is the whole nation to celebrate the 60th anniversary celebrations climax, this year's "two sessions a Day" is a Chinese meat industry and international friends together precious gift dedicated to the 60th birthday of the people's Republic of China, our company was represented at the meeting, the third Hall meat machining equipment shows the current advanced level of domestic meat processing stage, the company brought the sterilization tank equipment on behalf of the domestic advanced level of the same aspects of sterilization, disinfection characterized by uniform, time, temperature and pressure used in all automation and control, greatly improving the quality of products and shelf life, is the export of food and other enterprises preferred sterilization equipment, after three days of meetings, the intention of obtaining the order number of renowned domestic food processing enterprises, so that the company saw good prospects for the current meat processing market, the more confident the devoted to the development of the meat processing industry to go, to make our contribution.

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