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      Automatic Spray Sterilizing Kettle

      Addtime:2017-4-5 10:57:52 Online
      Equipment characteristics
      ● direct heating indirect cooling, cooling water and process water does not contact, to avoid the secondary pollution of food, without water treatment chemicals. High temperature sterilization for a short time.
      ● a small amount of process water quickly cycle, quickly reach the scheduled sterilization temperature.
      ● low noise, creating a quiet, comfortable operating environment.
      ● perfect pressure control, the entire production process pressure constantly adjusted to adapt to changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, product packaging to achieve the minimum deformation is particularly suitable for gas-containing packaging and two cans of the product.
      ● Process water preheating system ensures that the warm-filled product is continuously warmed up.
      ● use the best quality of the flange and head and other parts, the head with a one-time cold forming, and after aging vibration, the use of stress deformation will not occur.
      ● The surface of the stainless steel is treated with frosted to improve the surface hardness and corrosion resistance, especially against the addition of chlorine in the cooling water.
      ● Advanced and stable Siemens SIEMENS control system to ensure that customers in the global reach the supply chain in a timely manner to reduce downtime.
      ● the industry's rare high-end equipment and strict production process control management, to ensure that the whole quality first-class.
      ● Steam sterilization function (optional).
      ● save the installation space, easy to operate, save manpower (just use the control cabinet direct operation)
      ● suitable for food and other food industry, large-scale production of automatic loading and unloading material handling. More convenient at the end of the industry unmanned workshop of automatic matching equipment.
      ● open the door, side open the door (optional).
      ● The whole sterilization process adopts PLC automatic linear control, the temperature distribution in the tank is controlled at ± 0.5 ℃, can be multi-stage heating, energy saving, with F value measurement function (optional), can store 250 sterilization formula.
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