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      Water Treatment Equipment

      Ultrafiltration Membrane Equipment

      Addtime:2017-4-5 13:48:47 Online
      Ultrafiltration membrane separation is the use of screening principle, the organic matter intercept molecular weight from 10000 ~ 100000 Dalton optional, suitable for the separation of the macromolecular material and small molecular substances, enrichment and purification, and the traditional plate and frame type, such as type hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment compared with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.
      Applications: has been widely used in food processing, dairy industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological agents, printing and dyeing wastewater, food industry wastewater treatment, environmental protection engineering etc many fields, our company provides ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration membrane equipment components using the world famous company of new products.
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