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      Tubular Sterilizer

      Pipe U.H.T Tubular Sterilizer

      Addtime:2017-4-5 14:02:09 Online
      Detailed Product Description:
      Process parameters:
      (1), 5 ℃ → 65 ℃ (homogeneous) → 137 ℃ (3-5S) → 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, suitable for aseptic packaging;
      (2), 5 ℃ → 65 ℃ (homogeneous) → 115 ℃ / 125 ℃ (5-15S) → 88 ℃ ~ 90 ℃, suitable for hot filling;
      (3), 5 ℃ → 65 ℃ (homogeneous) → 115 ℃ / 125 ℃ (5-15S) → 75 ℃ ~ 78 ℃, suitable for medium temperature filling;
      Siemens touch screen PLC automatic control
      Scope: can be used for fruit juice, tea drinks, milk drinks or similar products for continuous sterilization. Can be connected homogenizer, degassing and other equipment.
      Tubular sterilizer can be used for a variety of liquid food, beverage heat treatment, compared with other types of sterilization have the following advantages:
      ● high thermal efficiency, up to 90% heat recovery efficiency;
      ● heating medium and material temperature difference is small, the heat transfer tube with a bellows, heat transfer efficiency, scaling less, increasing the working hours of the sterilizer.
      ● high degree of automation, from the equipment CIP green, equipment, sterilization to the entire process of material sterilization can be achieved automatic control, recording.
      ● sterilization temperature control accurate and reliable, steam pressure, flow, material flow and so are strictly automatic control.
      ● The inner wall of the material pipe adopts advanced technology polishing and automatic welding. The pipeline design is fully automatic cleaning, the whole process of the equipment is self-sterilizing, and the system is aseptic.
      ● system security, system accessories are selected high performance and reliability of products, steam, hot water, materials, etc. have pressure protection measures and alarm system.
      ● system reliability is high, the main components such as material pumps, hot water pumps, all kinds of valves, control systems, electrical components and the implementation of components are world famous.
      ● own CIP system.
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